Levels: Book, Interest and Reading

Book level, interest level and reading level measure different things.

Book Level

Book level represents the difficulty or readability of the text.

To view or print the Lexile® measure for a book, >>

Interest Level

The interest level relates to the content and age appropriateness of a book.  >>

Teachers can use Accelerated Reader RP to change the interest level of a quiz.

AR BookFinder uses these interest levels:

Reading Level

Reading level is a student’s tested reading level.

Your child’s reading level helps to determine the range of book levels your child should select books from.

For example, if your child’s reading level is 1.4, your child’s teacher may suggest the child pick books with book levels between 1.4 and 2.4.

Reading level indicates the most difficult text a student can comprehend based on a standardized test (such as STAR Reading) or results from Reading Practice Quizzes (in Accelerated Reader).

Your child’s teacher may provide your child’s reading level to you. The reading level may be presented as:

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