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Reading Practice Quizzes
Reading Practice Quizzes are the most common type of assessment in AR. The purpose of these quizzes is to determine whether your child has read and understood a book. The quiz measures his/her literal comprehension of the book and provides immediate feedback. Each Reading Practice Quiz consists of 5, 10, or 20 multiple-choice questions depending on book level and length. They are available in English, Spanish, and Recorded Voice formats.
Recorded Voice Quizzes
Recorded Voice Quizzes are designed for beginning readers and students learning English. They are professionally recorded by a narrator who reads the quiz questions and answer choices as they appear on screen.
Literacy Skills Quizzes
Literacy Skills Quizzes are designed to give your child's teacher information on 24 specific, higher order reading comprehension skills. These are the same skills covered in state standards, basal reading series, and standardized tests.
Vocabulary Practice Quizzes
Vocabulary Practice Quizzes measure a child's understanding of vocabulary words encountered while reading. They are designed to help your child learn new words, assist your child's teacher with individualizing vocabulary instruction, and generate your child's interest in words through real book reading. Quizzes include words from a particular book as well as review words from previously read books.
Book Availability
Book availability refers to the location of the book and the number of copies owned. When searching with a keycode, selecting Book Details will provide you with the book availability information.
For more information, please read "Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader".